Curtains and screens made of welded stainless steel ring mesh
for interior design and exterior applications

All our metal ring mesh generally consists of individually welded stainless steel rings that are each interwoven with four adjacent rings to form a very flexible and resilient mesh. The mesh can be joined seamlessly and can thus be made in almost any size.

Our technical metal ring mesh was initially predominantly used for stab and cut-protection.

Our ring mesh is also increasingly being discovered by architects, interior designers and designers or engineers. Since there are almost no limits to the possible application for our stainless steel ring mesh thanks to its great flexibility and very special characteristics, we produce cuts of all types and sizes for all sorts of different applications.

The production in this product segment includes curtains as fashionable screens, modern wall, ceiling and façade claddings or partitions for protection purposes.

There are various options available for the suspension of mesh planes. They are attached with e.g. key rings or loops on round or flat rails.

Additional customized developments are available upon request

There is virtually no end to the possible uses of our ring mesh.

We look forward to your enquiry and will be happy to submit an individual quote for your application.